Responsive Pics

Automatic image resizing for Wordpress theme authors

ResponsivePics is a WordPress plugin that enables WordPress theme authors to automatically resize images* in responsive layouts.

  • Saves bandwidth and lets your site load faster
  • No need anymore for defining custom image sizes
  • Adds retina support to your theme images
  • Supports art-directed responsive images
  • Supports image srcset & sizes attributes
  • Supports focal point based crops
  • Supports aspect ratio based crops
  • Supports WebP images (requires WordPress 5.8 or higher)
  • Supports LQIP (low quality image placeholder)
  • Supports lazyloading
  • Supports intrinsic ratio boxes
  • Supports offloading media to S3 storage with WP Offload Media (Lite)
  • Supports WP REST API
  • Uses background processing for resize- and crop tasks

ResponsivePics is useful when you have a responsive grid layout (like Bootstrap, but can be any framework) and need images to adapt to responsive designs. ResponsivePics automatically resizes and / or crops your uploaded media to fit your layouts.

* ReponsivePics does not handle images in the WordPress wysiwig editor, it’s only useful for theme authors that use images or photos in their themes. It automatically handles retina or hdpi images via media queries.

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